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Use Your Blogger for Autoblog

>> Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Do you know what autoblog is? Autoblog is a term that used on the blog that works automatically. Well .. actually it's only automatically referred to the articles. But that's the point...!!! We all know, how important to write articles regularly on our blog (though not necessarily every day). Do you know what's the name of a blog that does not have new content for a long time..? Yup.. it's a Dead Blog...

The simple word about Autoblog is...You initially create a blog, and set your template display as you like, then do automation and... finished. You only need occasionally visiting to ensure everything goes normally. How.. sweet it's sound...

Unfortunetly, the truth is not as sweet as that. The blog that filled with content automatically. unreliable in terms of quality articles,  vulnerable from advertisement, Google hate it and most of your visitors too (if they know it) ... Imagine that you had communication with the machine, it was not  interesting at all.

But... still very useful for your Dummy Blogs , your Dead Blog  and off course our free and powerful Backup Blog

Ok.. it's enough with the preamble...
1. First we must create a blogger blog to be an autoblog. Let's name it Blog Tester (you can name it whatever you like).
2. After finish it, Look at your Dashboard and Click Settings. Under Settings Menu, Click Email & Mobile. Now let's look at Posting Option...

3. Replace your secretWords with whatever you desire, just remember it.. and select the Publish emails immediately , than Click SAVE SETTING.
In my case it's look like this :

Ok.. we're finish Step 1.
4. Before we do the automation of writing the article, first..we must have URL of the blog that will become the source of the article. You can do a little research later, to make it easy, let's use your other blogger blog address. As an example, I use my blog that contains about free articles  at
5. Open Feed My Inbox and insert the URL address of the site that we will "use" they articles, and the email address that we'd already make (#3) and then click submit. Oh.. Ya.. don't forget to put "/" at the end of URL. ie.

Than we will get the confirmation..

6. Because an email address that we used before was the email bloggers, and we had already arranged that any incoming email to that address will be publish immediately in to the blog, So if  everything works properly, then a confirmation email from this FeedMyInbox will immediately appear as an article in our new blog.
7. Let's take a look at the blog, and this is mine..

8. To confirm our subscribtion, than we must Click the First Link.. After  click to confirm the subscribtion, you will receive notification from Feed My Inbox (pop up) that you have successfully done the subscribtion.
9. Sometimes we have to wait for a few hours before our Autoblog's working noormally (instant delivery process). Because the FMI requires to make a synchronization first. But after that it will run charming .. Picture below show my "ghost writer".. nice and clever isn't it...??

That's all folk... Every time your "host blog" publish their article, your "ghost writer" will do exactly the same.
So...don't worry,  Enjoy  your holiday.. and hapy Autoblog...

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