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The Problem is: to do this trick, we must use HTML code to make up the text... But don't worry, if you are not capable with HTML Codes, there are simple and fast way to make your sticky post without learn it. Use your "New Post" to make a sample of your sticky post, set the display as close as your real post, use the Preview to check your sticky post display then copy-paste into your content collumn text add gadget.

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Blogger Tips Trick No 7. : Putting the print facilities into the page

>> Wednesday, November 4, 2009

To facilitate visitors in learning about the writing in the pages of our site, we can set up the facility to print the page to there default printer, so that they could read and learn it without any rush...
To do that, just put the code below directly on each page or insert in to the post page.

<a href="javascript:print(document)">Print This Page</a>

and the result will be like this..

If you are wondering... How to posting this code

<a href="javascript:print(document)">Print This Page</a>

 You can learn it in Blogger Tips Trick No. 6


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